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"Uncorrelated" Returns From A Performance-Fee Only Firm

The Set Up

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Above all, we consider price.


As Warren Buffet says, "Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy."


Even if we love a position, if its price has risen too high relative to intrinsic value, we take some off the table. Conversely, if a potential position has fallen too much, we begin to enter. This is fundemental to our strategy in all investment climates.

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Macro Forces

Whether it be a Genomics Revolution for health care or Energy Underinvestment effecting prices, we consider Macro Forces in conjunction with price.

If we see future macro tailwinds combined with a clear, attractive entry price, we will make an investment, or leave an investment if one of those two factors no longer align. 

Third Eye

Radical Transparency

As a Client of Leftskewed, you get your own account.

Stocks are in your name, and you can view them at any time.

You can request liquidation at any time, which will be fulfilled promptly, at a maximum of 2 business days. 

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Macro updates are provided by the Manager almost daily via video, and you can inquire at any time, so you always have a pulse on our thinking.

Our Series 65 Licensed Manager began his investing career with an internship at Fitch Ratings when he was 17. A life-long passion for investing and politics, which he believes are very intertwined, resulted in Best Delegate and Honorable Mention awards at Yale and Harvard Model Congress, respectively. In College, Billy studied Philosophy, Economics, and Arts Entrepreneurship. After correctly predicting a Coronavirus downturn, the Manager began working with clients in early March 2020.

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